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Workplace Wellbeing Charter

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is an opportunity for employers to demonstrate their commitment to the health and well-being of their workforce. The positive impact that employment can have on health and wellbeing is now well documented. There is also strong evidence to show how having a healthy workforce can reduce sickness absence, reduce presenteeism, lower staff turnover and boost productivity - this is good for employers, workers and the wider economy.

SOHAS are the only organisation within Sheffield accredited to deliver this groundbreaking initiative to support employers and employees.

What are the benefits of using the Charter?

There is a growing body of evidence to show the financial benefits enjoyed by organisations that implement well-being programmes, including reduced sickness absence, improved productivity and reduced staff turnover. It also helps identify gaps and supports understanding of what can be implemented in the workplace to benefit the health of employees.

With employers and employees bearing the burden of sickness absence costs, and the economy losing the output of those who are not in work, it’s in everyone’s interests to improve the health and wellbeing of working age people. According to the Office of National Statistics, 131 million days were lost due to sickness absences in the UK in 2013.

We are there to support your organisation throughout the process and with our knowledge and expertise we can identify resources around improving physical activity, mental health awareness, and healthy eating, to name but a few.

There is no cost to sign up for the Charter or for the support and guidance you receive and many of the resources we can help you with are free of charge too.

Our aim is to help you engage with staff and build and sustain a healthy and happy workforce.

If you'd like to contact Saima Nazir directly for more information on the Charter please send her an e-mail at

Project Synopsis: 

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter provides employers with an easy and clear guide on how to support the health and wellbeing of their workforce helping to make a supportive and productive environment where employees can flourish.

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Saima Nazir
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0114 2755760